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My Struggle With Type 2 Diabetes

Losing weight and building muscle mass at the same time is not easy specially if you are not focused and well disciplined and specially for me who is recovering from my sickness. Get to know what is type 2 diabetes and know the struggle I have been to. 

I used to be overweight for more than eighty pounds, and at first I felt it impossible to lose it all, but then there is no harm to give it a try. I enrolled in a nearby gym, and the instructor designed a program and a meal plan for me to lose weight. We set a realistic goal of about ten pounds a month, so a total of eight to ten months for me to reach my ideal weight. The first month was a struggle, as I do not want to use any fat burners nor any supplements the instructor was suggesting to me.

 I tried my best not to cheat, ate healthy, green salads, lean meat, less carbs and fats. I stopped eating dessert, and would just have a piece of banana or an apple instead. My friends told me that my eating habit is becoming boring, unlike before that we would be spending so much time at buffets and eating spree. 

Finally, there was a person I met that explained to me why do we need to modify our lifestyle to get back the health and fitness level. He was so detailed on his explanation that now I understood why, and further he said that I could grow my muscles and more muscles means burning fats faster. Then the second and succeeding months was a breeze, and in fact on my sixth month, I was already on my ideal weight and already toning up. And a year after, I was already lean and nobody would think that I was fat and overweight prior to that.